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Polygon's zkEVM: Knight In Shining Armor

Polygon's zkEVM: Knight In Shining Armor

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·Aug 3, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Wetin be Polygon?
  • Wetin be EVM?
  • Role of ZK proofs
  • Polygon zkEVM
  • Conclusion


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I hail una builders today cause na una dey “rain”.

Two days ago, i promise say I go talk about Polygon’s zkEVM wey don land. If you be developer, abeg carry chair, balance well come pay attention.

Before I yarn wetin polygon, zero knowledge proofs, rollups and EVM be first but make I boost energy fest

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Wetin be Polygon?

Polygon na layer 2 scaling platform wey dey try solve the 3 ogbonge wahala wey our big brother Ethereum get wey be:

  • Low Throughput - Throughput na just grammar wey mean the number of transactions wey one blockchain dey do per second and for ethereum, na shikini 30 transactions per second (TPS). If we compare ethereum to other blockchains, we fit say ethereum na snail.

  • Expensive - Imagine say you go do your hair for salon and for the salon, customer dey always boku as per the person good. Normally, you go expect say make the person wey get the place dey run am on first come, first serve abi? Make we say he change their mind come talk say na the person wey fit pay pass dem go answer first so person fit just come say him go pay 10k for hair of 2k and na him dem go first answer. Na so transaction processing be on top ethereum. As per say users plenty, gas price dey usually cost. Person fit pay $20 as per say him wan send just $1

  • Limited Options - This problem na say every application wey you as developer build on top ethereum go inherit the wahala wey ethereum get too like the low throughput.

Polygon dey try offer higher throughput, cheaper transaction fees and better options plus dem still dey tap from the ogbonge security wey ethereum get. E fit be the first time wey you dey hear about “Layer 2”. Layer 1 or base layer na our original blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana etc. Layer 2 na tools wey dey built on layer one wey dey try help layer 1 scale, example na polygon, optimism etc.

Wetin be EVM?

EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine.

I go like believe say all of una don use blender before or grinding machine. The EVM dey work just like grinder or blender, imagine the solidity code wey you write as the pepper, the EVM go convert am into bytecode wey e fit execute on top blockchain, so your grinder pepper na the bytecode, your pot na the blockchain, I no sabi wetin you mouth go be sha.

Role of ZK proofs

Polygon see say one way wey dem fit scale Ethereum with ZK proof na say make dem do ZK rollup. No worry if na your first time wey you dey hear all these things, I go still yarn am wella.

I know say you sef smart and from the name “rollup” you go don get idea say e mean say instead make Ethereum dey process transactions one by one, the rollup go take plenty transactions, process am on hin own come package am into one transaction come send send am to Ethereum.

E mean say everybody wey the rollup help run him transaction go share the transaction fees between themselves and Ethereum go process one transaction but true true na plenty transactions dey that one transaction. You see say speed and throughput don increase like that.

So rollup na L2 scaling solution as you dey see am so.

Plenty types of rollups dey but the one wey polygon choose na the rollup wey dey use zero knowledge proof verify the transaction. Zero knowledge proof na technique wey you fit use verify information to another person and that person no go sabi the information, him go just sabi say na true you talk. You dey wonder say how abi? No worry, in my next article, I go explain am.

Polygon zkEVM

As oyinbo people dey talk:

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Let’s call a spade, a spade.

You say na shovel Layi dey hold abi, whether na spade abi na shovel, you don get my gist.

ZK proofs get him own wahala.

One na say dem dey slow and expensive to generate and na common sense say if we no fit speed Ethereum up and make we reduce the fees, e no need to reason ZK proofs.

Second na say what if this rollup no fit run the code wey we dey deploy for Ethereum, no be tasa be that? The kind stress to dey learn another language no be for many of us plus shey the rich community around Ethereum go just go like that? Polygon come show us say the thing wey dem big pass am.


Because I'm way too big🎶

First thing na say their team improve the time wey the validity proof dey take generate. Another good news be say, you no need dey run go YouTube or Udemy dey find course wey go teach you new language. The same solidity wey you dey use on top Ethereum go work on to Polygon zkEVM. Infact, any tooling wey dey work with Ethereum go work here too. So you see say this one na like EVM pro max!

As a builder you fit migrate your Ethereum smart contract there by just switching nodes. You sef see say life don dey soft like this.

The code sef na open-source, you fit look am for this github. %[github.com/0xpolygonhermez]

Polygon talk say the Testnet go dey available this Q3 but mainnet go be early 2023.


You sef see say I suppose take the glucose wey I take for the beginning.

As our dear Web3 dey grow, e dey sweet my belle. Na** exciting times we dey like this. As dem dey talk, bear market na for building.

If una enjoy this content, no hoard am now, no be palliative, share am, tag your fellow builders make dem see wetin dey sup.

Till later, keep building!

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